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Our Floral Fairytale Dream Workshop is just what you need to enhance your big installation designs. Join us on
February 26-27-2024
and learn from the best in the business. 
Will guide you through the process of creating stunning, unforgettable floral displays that will leave a lasting impression.

Have you ever wanted to take one of those large instalations Floral Workshops?

But where just to expensive?

We get it! We have been there.

 You want to learn everything you can to elevate yourself as a designer. Awesome, Great, Fantastic!

With Jill Heaton Event Decor now you can absolutely take that workshop!

 We are offering a jammed packed two-day workshop for wedding & event designers, florists, designers and planners.

I promise you will be immersed in beautiful blooms. 
Get out of the cold and come design flowers!
We give you all the tools to enhance your designs skills.
Once we finish the fun begins with a styled shoot with photographers walking around the property taking photos of all
your gorgeous work.

You will receive a gallery for your social media.

How can you say no to taking this workshop?

Do you really want to miss this? 

Your Educator

                            Hello! Welcome, Join Us!

About your Educater

Jill Heaton

I have been in the wedding and event industry since 1989. I first began as a balloon enthusiast and designer. The first one to create a ballon company in a small Minnesota town. It was alot of educating myself.

In 1991 went back to school in floral design and trained under two master designers in Connecticut. I owned two locations. In 2013 We relocated to the sunshine state and rebranded only doing wedding and events. We are located in Central Florida and work throughout

most of the state.

After 34 years in the industry it was time I shared my skills, tricks and tips with others. That is where we began our workshops.

Join us, come meet other professionals in the industry

and fill your hearts full of lush beautiful blooms.

    Jill Heaton Event Decor


    Two Day Workshop

    Includes 2 lunches, snacks, drinks and lots of flowers.



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