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A Designers Choice for Wedding Flowers

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Wedding Flowers to make your big day incredibly spectacular.

Can we say Garden Roses? There are so many beautiful wedding flowers in the world today, so many colors and styles, but the Garden rose will always be my favorite. I also have a love for Peonies, Calla Lilies the beloved Ranunculus and so much more!!

Everyone's favorite wedding flower, the Garden Rose, the farms across the world have been creating so many desirable colors to fit every wedding dream color palate. Using Garden roses, cabbage roses or even the illustrious standard rose, I feel as a wedding florist in the wedding industry for a nearly 30 years is a must have in every aspect of your wedding.

Beautiful garden roses or the standard rose a not an inexpensive floral bloom any longer, especially when a bride might want a special color that have been grown specifically for weddings. Roses have been a part of weddings for decades and are a must for almost everything wedding, in one shape or form when designing. except when a bride wants a total greenery inspired design.

Roses are glamorous, and elegant and je ne sais quio to any wedding. The designs can be high glam, garden, tropical and even the trendy boho look. Wedding roses are elegant and timeless and will probably always be that way.

When contacted by a bridal inquiry about their upcoming wedding, and we take a quick peek at the submitted

inspirational photos from Pinterest it is remarkable how almost every photo has some type of rose in the picture. Roses are wonderful in an elegant lush bridal bouquet, among large pieces at ceremony and then of course reception table centerpieces. The aroma from roses is wonderful and fabulous. With endless styles of wedding floral design and artistry the roses can be all by themself or mixed with some of my other very favorite blooms. The Peony, the Calla Lily and of course there every so magnificent Ranunculus! All smell heavenly.

Photo Op: Our gold circular arch (moongate) was used for ceremony site and then moved to reception area.

The greenery was a mixture of Silver dollar Eucalyptus, Gumdrop Eucalyptus, Hanging Amaranthus, Bupleurum, Penny Cress, Italian Ruscus and smilax vines wrapped all the way around the arch. one section of garden style wedding flowers included cream and pink Peonies, with peach Juliet Garden Roses, from Rose grower Juliet (Ausjameson) English Garden Rose / Alexandra Farms light pink Ranunculus, Pink Majolica Spray Roses, and White Majolica spray roses.

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