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The On Going Flower Shortages

We continue to being transparent to help you understand what's really going on with flower shortages and much higher prices. There are so many factors that have contributed to the current situation and it is all out of our control.

We understand how stressful wedding can be and as a designer we are doing our best to get all the beautiful blooms to design your perfect day. But, sometimes we do need to have appropriate subs for many unavailable items. We will alert our brides when this needs to happen.

During our consultation process we do talk more about what is going on and why the cost of flowers have increased and why budgets are not covering all a brides wants presently. Budgets have had to increase to get some of those magnificent blooms everyone's heart desires for their weddings.

While no one knows for sure how long this will last, we do believe these shortages will continue through the end of this year and a high probability into the 2022 wedding season. We promise to continue keeping everyone in the loop and remaining as transparent as possible!

Now The Why?

The floral industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented shortage of blooms and the greatest supply and demand imbalance in decades. Flower prices have skyrocketed and everyone is scrambling to get their orders and the flowers they planned to design with.

COVID-19 happened and it forced flowers farmers like everyone else to shut down their livelihoods and leave their farms for several months. During that time the crops still had to be pulled with very limited staff to keep the farms going for the next blooms to grow. Now they are playing catchup with the flower cycle and it takes time. Flowers to not grow overnight.

Then many countries had horrid weather between droughts and storms. It hindered the growing process on top of ruining many crops that could not be salvaged for usage.

Then demand increased rather quickly as the world began to open up and two years worth of weddings happening all at once. The supply has not been able to catch up to the volume of events happening.

Many other products in our industry have also taken a hit with the cost of materials, transportation, and delivery rates getting these florals and products to us along with a lack of workers has made many items increase in cost.

While we cannot do anything about Mother Nature and her challenges trying to get the flower cycle back on track, we ask that you be understanding and flexible with flower substitutions in your colors. Our company does place it's flower orders 24 hours after final payment has been received. It means we pre-book much earlier in order to get on the list for those beautiful blooms. We do work with our flower farms, distributors as well as many different wholesalers, to find those perfect flowers for your weddings. Trust us in the process of making your day the dream you dreamt!



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