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Inflation, The Ecuadorian Strike, and how we navigate through tough times!

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Florists are navigating supply chain issues, inflation and of course the ever day shortages of beautiful wedding flowers. This is completely out of our control. Are hands are tied from all directions, as we get hit from every part of the floral industry. Whether the cost of fuel (shipping costs) Lack of farm workers (wages), and now the end of an eighteen day national workers strike in a country that exports 9% of all flowers. We continue to see shortages and it is affecting everyone as the cost rises steadily.

Ecaudor than has another uproar and goes on a national workers strike for the second time in two years. This one lasted 18 days. October of 2019 was the last time this occured. Right before the pandemic lockdowns. It has been a perpetual cylee.

One of the ways we here at Jill Heaton Event Decor have done as a wedding florist is to pre- order many materials months in advance for every wedding we have from September-December and into 2023. We want to ensure we have everything to design for our brides' weddings. We are stock piling as you may say.

Like in every other industry, Inflation and supply chain issues are also impacting costs for floristsand the huge increase in the cost of flowers, is probably the worse I have ever seen in my career of 30 years.

Flowers have increased 40%. Weddings are so expensive as it is, and florist and caterer's as well as other vendors are having a huge increase's presently that now lands onto our client's, laps. We do feel your pain as it is hitting our own pockets when we go to the gas pumps or the supermarket.

Businesses owners need to do what is best, for both their business and their client while we try to hold on until the country sustains back to some financial normalcy.

Brides, make your determination early what is most important to you for your weddings. Whether you decide to go with fresh or silk that cost is also rising. Sometimes the silks are more costly than the fresh if they are good silks.

For brides that want fresh flowers your budgets should begin with 20% of your overall wedding budget. We are here to help muddle through the waters of getting you the most beauftiful blooms for your budget.

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