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Hey Brides, Are you ghosting your vendors?

It begins with that inquiry. Whether it is by email off your website, Wedding Wire, The Knot, or even a text message. Brides want to speak with you about their wedding day.

Thank you for your inquiry. " We would love to speak to you further on your wedding. “Please give me a time that best meets your schedule." I hit send and then silently sit back and wait. It has become such a common issue for many of us venders to have become cynical. We try are hardest to make the process as easy for both the bride and us. Especially with it being a large purchase decision. As I sit and wait for the response, time goes by. day one, day two and day three. Now I know I have been ghosted and truthfully I never hear back.

Then we have the brides who actually do respond to chedule an appointment, we call, no answer. We leave messages by voicemail, text and send a follow up email. Ghosted!

I’m beginning to feel defeated as a business owner. We set time aside during our busy schedules to meet with potential clients in order to be top notch with customer service.

Brides, we have a serious issue. Here’s the thing, when I started in this industry over a 30 years ago it would have never crossed my mind that brides would inquire about services and pricing, ask for meetings, meet with you and then proceed to never respond.

This past few years with the pandemic has hurt us all. As we opened up here in Florida, I began reaching out to other vendors to ask about how their wedding season has been going and the future outlook for the remainder of 2022. We are all very experienced and watch trends and changes within the wedding industry. As we chatted back and fourth about how the past year has been going someone spoke up and said “hey, what’s up with all these brides and ghosting"? "They send inquires to speak with you about services and then never hear from them again” I realized at that point it wasn't me. It was effecting the entire wedding industry. Maybe even other industries we are not involved with.

Someone else in the group mentioned "I have been in the wedding industry for more than 15 years and I’ve never seen so much disrespect;" "Some of these brides I meet with in person and do a complimentary consultation and then I literally never hear back from them." "Why?" We always let the potential client know it really is okay to select another vendor you felt fit your needs better. But, please have common courtesy to let us know you went in another direction. It is okay to do that, it is actually better to do so.

Why is our bridal culture changing away from etiquette? Is it the fact that most vendors are easily reachable and therefore less feeling involved? Is it the internet that brides can access so easily? Is it that our lives are so busy that we no longer think of others?

Unfortunately I don’t have an answer. But I’m here to help you and provide you with the wedding of your dreams.

Vendors do really appreciate being updated even if it goes a different direction then we have all hoped for. It’s a ton of work for all to market, do sales presentations and build a personalized proposal. This is because we love and care for our clients in a way that will make their day EPIC! Don’t waste their time, or yours. If you do not want the follow up's just ask to have us stop the emails. It is easily rectified. (I promise, good vendors are really busy!)

So reminder, don’t be that ghosting bride.

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