Flower Increases And The Why 4-22-2021

Thanks to the covid-19 pandemic and the world wide lockdowns pretty much sums up the huge increase now in florals and greens for weddings. Read on to understand why this has happened.

When this first came about in March of 2020 and the world decided to stop the spread of Covid all countries needed to be closed for six weeks, what were flowers farmers going to do with their crops? All florists closed their doors. Flowers which lift us up and brighten our days, and represent millions who grow, sell and design with are no dying on the farms. Instead the world was scrambling to purchase necessities and not flowers.

The flowers that were now blooming for the Spring and Summer Weddings and events were severely impacted across the continents, It was not just the United State feeling the impact it was Africa and Europe and the South American countries. Flower farms are world wide depending on the types of blooms that grow in each of these countries. This was a tragic catastophe.

The farms had no choice, they cut their crops, ploughed through acreages pulling them up or piled high and set a blaze. For six weeks millions who care for these farms were out of work.

As the farms slowly reopened to cultivate the most beautiful blooms again was at the exact same time the world slowly opened and people wanted flowers again.

Now in the United States, especially Florida which is 100% open, weddings are back in full swing again. Yes there is still masks worn and social distancing, but weddings are happening weekly now.

Now we have the issue of a higher demand then there is product. The shortage is effecting weddings because we as florists and floral designers around the world all need the same blooms at any given time. The floral global chain is still reeling from this pandemic. Because of this, the cost of everything has sky rocketed. We hope later this fall we can see a possible decline in cost, but this global industry is trying to regain it's losses.

If your having a wedding and beginning the process to hire your florist or floral designer be very transparent with your budget. The designed look you may want will now be double what your budget allows for. So you may have to go smaller and less blooms.

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