Things We Often Have To Say To Brides 2-25-2020

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

When it comes to designing weddings.

Choosing your Wedding Floral Designer

Sometimes you do not mesh well with your designer but you like the fact they are cost effective. Not all floral designs are the same and you cannot compare apples to apples. Experience, transparency and education go a long way.

Many times we receive inquiries with these magnificent over the top inspirational photos.

But a bride is not aware of the cost of flowers and tells us her budget is $500-$1000.

In todays world, Pinterest although a fabulous tool gives very unrealistic expectations of what the actual cost of designing is. It is not just about taking a pretty flowers and sticking it into an arrangement. There are many hours of figuring out the design, then ordering, processing and designing. Lots of labor involved.

So many times we have to say "Sorry, your budget is a lot of money to you. However, in flowers it does not go very far. You have exquisite taste and unfortunately most or all of what you see on social media are all top shelf blooms just like top shelf liquor, it is expensive and costs. To be realistic, I can probably fit your desires into a $x,xxx budget. #brides #weddings #weddingflowers #orlandoweddings #tampaweddings #centralfloridaweddings #orangeblossombride #weddingvenuemap

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